600 Yard Steel Gong Match

Date, Time and Cost

Held on the 3rd Saturday of each month.  Check the calendar for dates.

8:30 am Sign in at the Club office and be ready to set up equipment on the line as instructed by the range officer.

Fee is $13.

Cash prize is awarded to the match winners.


Match Rules

The course of fire:

The match is shot from a bench rest position on the Pitts range and is limited to .30 or smaller calibers.

A total of 15 shots will be recorded in 3, 5 shots strings.

During the first range hot period, the shooter will have unlimited sighters on match gongs.

After this period, NO additional sighters are allowed.

The target is a swinging 5” diameter steel disk.

Contact Match Director Steve Krauss at stevekrauss@live.com.