Ranges & Facilities

Aerial View of Club

Main Firing Line (Rifle & Pistol)

Our main line consists of four separate areas with 82 covered benches on a concrete pad for protection against the elements, and accommodates shooting at 25, 50, 100, 200, and 300-yards, with the addition of steel gong targets at 200 & 300-yards and reactive steel handgun targets (steel plate rack, dueling tree, profiles) at 25-yards. Paper targets with coroplast backers are fastened to 1″ x 2″ wooden poles with plastic clamps to safeguard against ricochets.

600-yard Rifle Range

Our 600-yard rifle range consists of approximately 18 bench rest tables, with both paper and permanent steel targets. The 600-yard range is closed to the public on Saturdays and on the first Sunday of each month to allow for competitions and tournament matches.

Cowboy Action Bays

Our Cowboy Action Bay is available for private rentals and is regularly used to host the Miakka Misfits Shoot on the 3rd Sunday of every month.

Area 51 Rifle Range

The Area 51 firing line is fully covered on a large concrete pad, and is available for private rentals.

Shotgun 5-Stand

Our new Shotgun 5-Stand facility opens on Saturday, November 16th! Our course features nine throwers and includes three difficulty levels, and is both fun and challenging for all skill levels from beginner to master. The course will be open for members only from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm daily on weekends. The fee will be $7.00 per round of 25 clays, in addition to the normal daily member range fee of $7.00.


Our clubhouse is an air-conditioned building with main reception desk, snack area, men’s and women’s facilities, targets, water, soft drinks, reloading and loaded ammunition, club shirts and hats for sale. Members and guest check in at kiosk stations.


Our classroom is an air-conditioned building primarily used for educational classes and meetings.

Archery Range

Our newly renovated archery range is now open, as of March 7th, 2019 !