Manatee MultiGun

Date, Time and Cost

manatee multigun
Held on the 1st Saturday of every month
(Beginning October 1, 2016)

8:30 am Sign in

9:00 am First shots

$25 Entry Fee

What is MultiGun?

Depending on the style of monthly match, Manatee MultiGun challenges shooters to utilize 3 (or 2) different types of guns (rifle, pistol and/or shotgun) in a controlled course of fire.

Shooters will combine both speed and accuracy while engaging multiple targets from various shooting locations and positions. Shooting positions may be static (sitting, kneeling, or prone) or on the move.

A recommended match round count is 150 rifle, 150 pistol, and 100 birdshot as well as some
optional & mandatory slugs (10-15). Typically, there will be 4 to 5 stages or courses of fire.

Please note: steel shot, steel core, green tipped and armor piercing ammunitions are not permitted.
Chamber flags are required for shotgun and rifle.
Match is run under USPSA rules and scoring.

The recommended action shooter skill/experience level for this match is intermediate to advanced.
For additional information on our match and results, please visit or
contact Robert Hanchey at 941-544-7302, Email: