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600yd Bipod/Prone Steel Gong Match

February 28 @ 8:30 am - 3:00 pm

  • All shooters must check in at the clubhouse, pay their daily fee and receive a wristband before proceeding to the 600 yard range. (clubhouse will be open at 07:30 am)
  • Upon arrival at the 600 yard range shooters will
    • a) present their 600 qualification card and sign in
    • b) pay their $20.00 buy-in fee and
    • c) draw numbers for squad assignment. (in the order listed)
  • First place finisher will receive 1/2 of the buy-in pot, second and third place finishers will receive 2/3 and 1/3 respectively of the remaining half of the buy-in pot.
  • In the case of a tie, the shooters will alternately shoot until there is a miss and a clear winner is determined.
  • Promptly at 0900 match brief and first shooters to the firing line.
  • Squads will consist of 3 to 4 members- shooter, spotter(s), scorekeeper.
  • Gongs will be painted for each relay change if there is more than one relay.
  • If there is only one relay, gongs will be painted for each string.
  • If more than one relay, relays will alternate after each string of 5 rounds for score.
  • Spotters may only assist shooters during sighters and may only call hit or miss during competition shots for score.
  • Shooters will have 3 minutes to set their mat, squeeze bag, ammunition and rifle on the firing line before the “Shooters ready?” is heard. No other equipment allowed on the firing line.
  • Shooters will have 5 minutes to shoot 5 sighters once and only before their FIRST string for score.
  • Shooters will have 5 minutes to shoot each of their strings of 5 rounds for score.
  • Shooters will be given a 1 minute warning followed by a 30 second warning to finish their string.
  • Shooters must stop shooting by the Cease Fire command, incomplete shots in a string are misses.

Verbal commands are as follows:

  • Shooters ready? (shooters may not load a round in the chamber, magazines may be loaded but not inserted in firearm)
  • Commence firing. (shooters may now load and fire)
  • Cease firing. (unload all firearms, insert chamber flags, engage safeties and step back to allow firearms to be examined by RSO’s)


  • No sleds or vices- rifle bipods must be foldable, no rear monopods allowed.
  • No rear “slider” bags, no bags of any kind with a “V” allowed- only squeeze bags permitted.
  • No 50 BMG or 338 Lapua Mag- 300 Win Mag and under ok.
  • Any shooter that loads or fires before the Commence Firing command or fires after the Cease Fire command or shoots the wrong target during competition will be disqualified.
  • All spotting scopes are to remain behind the shooters.

The above rules are not open for debate, all are welcome to participate but must abide by the rules.

If you are not sure about any procedure or equipment, please ASK!

Rafael Parrado, MGAC Operations Manager


W (941) 322-0055 C (941) 962-5595


February 28
8:30 am - 3:00 pm


Rafael Parrado


600 Bench Rest Range